Within the context of the Foundation’s general purposes, the Board of Trustees has authorized grants in the following areas:

Public Policy Research
The Foundation supports research on the formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policy in the social and economic fields. Grants are made to study such areas as: regulation, taxation, fiscal and monetary policy, education and welfare.

American Institutions
The Foundation seeks to promote understanding of the moral, cultural and institutional foundations of free government. Under this program, the Foundation supports studies of the American Constitution, the operation of American political institutions, and the moral and cultural principles underlying these institutions.

Law and the Legal System
In this area, the Foundation seeks to deepen understanding of the American judicial system and to preserve the rule of law as the bedrock of American constitutional government. The Foundation supports public interest law and studies related to the judicial system, jurisprudence, and the relationship between law and economics.

Strategic and International Studies
The Foundation makes limited grants in this field supporting projects that address the relationship between American institutions and the international context in which they operate. Such projects include studies of national security affairs, strategic issues, American foreign policy and the international economy.

In each of these four areas, the Foundation attempts to advance its objectives through support of the following kinds of activities: Research; institutional support; fellowships; professorships; lectures and lectures series; books; scholarly journals; journals of opinion; conferences and seminars; and, on occasion, television and radio programs.

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